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Hardware & Software Installation & Upgrades

Computer motherboard and hardware upgrades.

At F1 Systems we are trained to handle a wide variety of hardware and software installations including servers, desktop, laptops, network printers, and other computer hardware accessories.

Operating System Upgrades

Still running an old Operating System? Whether it is Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, or even Linux, F1 Systems offers upgrade opportunities for your operating system. We offer nearly any and all versions of the following operating systems:

and many more with Windows 9 coming soon...

Not sure what one you need? Call us or stop in and we can give you a hand!

Computer Memory Upgrades

Computer memory, also known as RAM, helps your computer to start quickly and run smoothly while running multiple programs. If your programs are slow to load or running multiple programs make your computer freeze, a memory upgrade might be needed. Memory upgrades tend to be the most cost-effective way to significantly improve the performance of your computer.

Memory upgrades are useful for everyone, but they are especially important for computers that are used for:

Not sure what you need? We can help you identify and install the correct memory for you computer. Already purchased the memory for an upgrade? We would be happy to help you quickly & professionally install it for you. Call us or stop in and ask us about a memory upgrade today!

Hard Drive Upgrades

While many people might only use a fraction of their computer's storage, more demanding users can find themselves running out of room fast. Pictures, music, videos, apps, and games can accumulate on your computers hard drive quickly.

If you see a warning about low disk space, or your computer just gets slower and slower, it is probably time for an upgrade. At F1 Systems, in addition to expanding your hard drive, we would also be happy to show you other ways of speeding up your system.

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