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Stop the Windows 10 Upgrade?

Too Late, it's already on your Windows 7 and 8.1 Machine.

Article Date: 9/25/15

Have you had a black screen on your computer lately? Nothing shows up when you start your computer? Have you maybe noticed that your bill for your internet service has skyrocketed because the data you download has somehow doubled??! Hmmm... There's got to be something going on there but you don't know where to get answers.

At F1 Systems we have the answer. We have been dealing with and helping our customers with these issues over the last couple of months. What is causing this you ask? Enter Windows 10, literally!

The Windows 10 installation is already on most machines BEFORE YOU AUTHORIZE THE INSTALL. Microsoft has been pushing large amounts of updates onto Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 machines over the last couple of months and that data is LARGE. We're talking 6 Gig large!!! That is a very large amount of space and, if your paying for your bandwidth, this can be a big issue for you!

What to do about Windows 10

Computer Skill Level: Beginner

Well, if you're not a tech savy person, it is really important to get someone who is to help you. Things could go right for you but there have been documented instances of this installation going very wrong for some people. So, whether you choose F1 Systems, another local computer shop or your tech savy family member to service your Windows 10 Upgrade, make sure it's someone who knows what they are doing. F1 Systems has helped many people with the Windows 10 Upgrade in Fond du Lac already... You are not alone.

If you are a tech savy person and feel like venturing into the World of Windows computer hacks, see below but proceed with caution. The rabbit hole just gets deeper from here....

How do I know if Windows 10 is Already on My Machine?

Computer Skill Level: Moderate

If you've seen the "Get Windows 10" tray icon pop up and/or you have schedule your Windows 10 upgrade, you more than likely have this on your computer. Here is how to check for sure and get the amount of space it is using up:

  1. Show Hidden Files on your computer. You can do this in
  2. Navigate to your C: drive (or whatever the Windows boot folder name is) and look for the following file: $Windows.~BT
  3. Right click that file and then click "Properties". Watch the file size grow in the Window that opens. Mine leveled out just over 6GB of Windows 10 goodness.

How to find the Windows 10 install file ($Windows.~BT).

How to Stop the Windows 10 Upgrade

Computer Skill Level: Advanced*

F1 Systems in no way is responsible for you trying any of the below modifications to your computer

What do you do to stop this in the future?! First, you have to uninstall the updates listed below (given the operating system you have), and turn off automatic updating. Originally, all you had to do was uninstall KB3035583 and it worked! Now there are two different updates for both 7 SP1 and Windows 8.1.

For Windows 7 SP1:


For Windows 8.1 Update:


Granted this may change again, so bookmark this page and come back here for updates! As always, come to F1 Systems with any computer questions and concerns you may have!


This site is meant for informational purposes only! To better your knowledge on the concepts of computers, computer software and harware. DO NOT ATTEMPT ANY COMPUTER MODIFICATIONS OF ANY KIND if you lack the knowledge and understanding required. Otherwise computer damage or loss of data could occur. Please contact F1 Systems with questions or, at least, seek the advice of another computer professional before attempting any type of advanced computer modification.

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