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Best Buy in Fond du Lac Closing

Article date: 9-1-15

Yesterday we learned that one of the stores, of the giant computer and media chain, Best Buy is closing in Fond du Lac, WI. The store located at 335 N. Pioneer Road will be closing on November 1st, 2015. With that, 59 employees will be out of a job. Marlend Bearwald of F1 Systems (Fond du Lac) says, "It's a shame to lose competition, really it is, that's how our customers know that our prices are rooted and fair." Bearwald continues, "It's also a shame so many people in this area will be out of work," said the computer service veteran, "many of those kids came in here to buy their own computers, they know where to purchase high end quality." This says a lot about the integrity of F1 Systems who not only care about the quality of their work, their customers and the well being of his local Fond du Lac community. Should any customer feel lost or in need they can find F1 Systems at 459 South Main, Fond du Lac, WI 54935 F1 Systems will certainly bridge the gap as the retail giant leaves, no customer in this area should feel stranded, we are anchored here to help. As F1 stands for help in 99.9 percent of your programs still today!

Local Computer Service is Booming

Bearwald has already noticed a slight increase in computer service and repair over the last couple of months and speculates now that business will be booming. Perhaps things don't just come and go, they just shift how things are done. Bearwald has been in business since the 80s and has thrived because of his ability to stay on top of computing trends for over 25 years.


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