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Malware comes into contact with unsuspecting Users.

4 Stages of an Attack.

F1 Systems rates McAfee Complete Endpoint Protection #1 product that fit the needs of our business, and most importantly, having McAfee in place gives us the feeling that we are truly in control of our security position. Not only do we use it for our business but also for our clients personal home computers and tablets.

With Complete Endpoint Protection - Enterprise, you can customize your enterprise’s security to create the right combination for each user community, from giving power users the freedom and flexibility they demand to applying the tightest control on shared systems. One suite brings you a “complete coverage&rdquo toolbox. From easy installation to real-time investigations, it’s all integrated and centralized for efficient management.

Complete protection - This comprehensive suite extends industry-leading threat protection to your data and your systems, protecting you where others fail. It finds, fixes, and freezes malware fast. Our Security Connected approach covers all the bases, layering hardware-enhanced technologies, dynamic whitelisting, smart scanning, advanced anti-malware, mobile protection, and more. Behavior and reputation protection integrates with cloud-based McAfee Global Threat Intelligence to protect against cyberthreats across all vectors - file, web, message, and network. And to help your security team take the right actions fast, Real Time for McAfee ePO brings instant visibility into your security posture and security software configurations and helps you fix things fast.

4 Stages of an Attack and How McAfee Complete Endpoint Protection Business Suite Defends You

Pre-Attack Phase

Proactive measures reduce the attack surface and vulnerabilities.


Stage 1: First Contact

Malware comes in contact with unsuspecting users, usually through a malicious website. Other access points are removable media, unsolicited messages from social media sites, and misconfigured or unsecured wireless networks.


Stage 2: Local Execution

Bad code runs on target machines to exploit vulnerabilities in applications or the OS. If the malware can subvert protections, it writes its code to disk.


Stage 3: Establish Presence

Malicious code hides on the system and is made to persist, so that it survives reboot and stays hidden from security measures and from the user.


Stage 4: Malicious Activity

Goal of attack is achieved - from stealing identities and intellectual property theft to bank fraud.

Look for our more in depth blogs on the 4 Stages of an Attack!

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